TAG Service...Second to None!

Quality products are just one component to providing a great customer experience. Just as important is to back that with excellent service and services. TAG’s business was built on providing both excellent service and services that complement and enhance our product range.

  • TAG's On Site Sales Program - Increase both sales and customer satisfaction with your service department by implementing the TAG OSS program today.
  • TAG's Customer Retention Programs - To assist dealers develop client loyalty, TAG has developed programs such as our in-house warranty management program, which is run by our company Exact Managment.
  • TAG's Synthetic Oil Upgrade Program - Through the experience gained with Repsol lubricants, we realised that many vehicle owners would like the opportunity to use a better quality oil than the standard offered in most motor dealers service departments. Therefore we developed a program to assist motor dealers in the consultative sales model to sell synthetic oil.

Exact Management

Exact Management (Exact) is a company dedicated to providing In-House Warranty and Service administrative support for the motor trade. Therefore we are able to draw on our years of experience to accurately project the premiums required to cover your tailor-made warranty. The software responsible for administering your program has been developed totally 'in-house' and is subject to on-going refinement and evolution, to make our reports easy to interpret and user friendly.

Exact’s administration program is designed to be a turn-key operation, which means little has to be performed by the dealership to have the program achieve its potential. To successfully run a program that would deliver good customer retention would require staff spending many hours each month dedicated to running the system; either producing letters, or gathering service data etc. More often than not, tasks are missed and the dealership’s service retention suffers.

Exact operates as your consultant as well as your warranty administrator, so your Program may be tailored in every aspect to meet the requirements of your business. This versatility is important, as we ensure your Program meets the requirements of your dealership.

For more information on any of the above Services please contact us.