TAG's Extensive Product Range Includes Many Class Leading Brands.

TAG's product range is focused toward support for the motor trade and associated businesses as well as the online retailing of some of our range, such as Repsol and K&N. TAG's product range broadly includes the following categories:

  • Repsol oil

    LUBRICANTS As the official importer for Repsol, the manufacturer of TAG products, the distributor of Fortron and INOX, our lubricants range is extensive and suitable for nearly any application. We have products for:

    - Industrial applications - mining, electrical substation, earth moving, heavy diesel etc
    - Commercial applications - trucking, fleet, agricultural etc
    - Marine applications - pleasure craft, jet ski, commercial fishing, shipping etc
    - Motocycles - off road, 2 stroke, 4 stroke, sports, racing, scooter, cruiser
    - Cars - petrol, diesel, performance, fleet, commuting, racing
    - Transmissions - industrial, automotive, motorcycle, commercial, etc
    - Grease and Aerosols - automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial and commercial uses
    - And many other specialty applications...

  • Gardx paint

    PAINT, FABRIC & TYRE PROTECTION The GardX range of products provide solutions for Paint Protection, Vehicle Anti-Corrosion, Fabric and Leather Protection and Wheel Protection. GardX products are not gimmicks, but have proven benefits, hence they are the fastest growing range or products in this market. TAG also imports Aero-Shine permanent tyre shine and protectant and PurigeN98 nitrogen tyre inflation machines. These market leading products enhance the look of your vehicle, provide tyre protection and assist the vehicle's economy. TAG incorporates motor dealer client loyalty programs with these products to enhance a motor dealers suite of services.

  • Mercedez Benz

    AUTOMOTIVE TREATMENTS TAG are the market leaders in the supply of professional automotive treatments to the motor trade. We have sourced a number of brands in this category including manufacturing our own trade brand. Our range includes:

    - Fuel injection cleaning solutions and equipment
    - Automatic transmission servicing products and equipment
    - Power-steering system servicing products and equipment
    - Cooling system products and servicing equipment
    - Air-conditioning system cleaing and maintenance equipment and products
    - Aerosol lubricants and greases for all applications
    - All full range of workshop supply products, chemicals and cleaners

  • Purigen98 machine

    SERVICING EQUIPMENT TAG imports and ditributes various equipment for the servicing of various automotive systems, such as:

    - Motorvac Carbon Clean Fuel injection servicing equipment
    - PurigeN98 nitrogen tyre inflation equipment
    - Automatic transmission servicing equipment
    - Power-steering system servicing equipment
    - Cooling system servicing equipment
    - Air-conditioning system maintenance equipment
    - Fortron InjectorMax Fuel injection cleaning units

  • For more information on any of the aforementioned products please contact us.