TAG is now distributing the Diamon-Fusion Windscreen Protection System.

Your vehicle’s windscreen is the means by which you see the road and the traffic that moves around you. Therefore, the quality and condition of your windscreen determines how well you see the road and traffic conditions. Visibility is the key to preventing accidents and providing safety for you and your passengers.

Diamon-Fusion Nanotechnology offers a brilliant solution to enhance and maintain peak visibility in all circumstances, and increase the windscreens strength by a factor of 10. How? Diamon-Fusion’s Patented Nanotechnology works to fill in and smooth out the windscreens surface to create a precisely even finish to which water and debris cannot adhere. The Diamon-Fusion coating creates a covalent bond with the glass thus improving its strength. A covalent bond is one where the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the glass itself, making it up to 10 stronger!


  • Improved clarity and visibility even under the most extreme conditions
  • Reduced night glare
  • Repels water, ice and snow
  • Enhanced windscreen wiper operationr
  • Ongoing casual work
  • Extends driver reaction time by improving visibility. (Just 1 second saved means 24 metres at 80 kph; which could make all the difference...)


  • Protection against impact from small road debris
  • Protection from environmental fallout and acid rain
  • Protection against pitting and scratching, which impairs visibility
  • Reduced incidence of windscreen damage


  • Reduce the likelihood of windscreen repair or replacement
  • Reduce the incident rate of insurance windscreen claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums via removal of windscreen cover option
  • Increase wiper blade life (Some wipers are up to $150 to replace)e
  • Reduce the likelihood of windscreen cracks from ice removal
  • Most importantly, an accident avoided could save a life!